Work based learning

BAME Leadership in the Creative and Cultural Industries

by The Change Institute

This evaluative essay updates and reflects on developments since the benchmarking study of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) leadership, undertaken for CLP by the Change Institute in 2008. The benchmarking study reinforced the need, which was highlighted by DCMS, for a more diverse workforce as critical to the future growth and prosperity of the sector.

By reviewing workforce data across the sector in order to assess the direction of travel since the benchmarking study, this essay sets out the sector context and summarises trends that have emerged over the last few years, the progress that has been made, and areas where there is still some considerable way to go.

This report profiles the Powerbrokers strand of the CLP, detailing the benefits and outcomes attributed to the programme, while drawing out areas for improvement. The significant benefits of Powerbrokers include: confidence building; access to time, space and opportunity; access to mainstream activities; the building of relationships and networks; capacity building; and knowledge and awareness of leadership issues.

The following section outlines the broader themes and issues for BAME leadership that emerged from a series of qualitative interviews undertaken with stakeholders, many of which are familiar and represent on going issues for the sector. The essay then goes on to set out the wider context, focusing on the public funding gap that has emerged, the drive towards shifting the balance between public and private funding, and the likely equalities impacts of public sector deficit reduction.

The essay goes on to explore opportunities presented by the current context, and potential areas for action either through Powerbrokers/CLP or as stand-alone initiatives. It highlights the recent move towards developing newer understandings of the importance of the issue, represented by the debate around the development of the ‘creative case’ for diversity. The final section outlines broad conclusions from the work and ways forward to sustain, and where possible, enhance BAME leadership in the sector.

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