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Celebrating three years

As we mark the third year anniversary of the Cultural Leadership Programme, it provides a timely opportunity to reflect on the distance travelled, celebrate the achievements of those who have participated in programme to date, to thank those individuals and organisations who make up the Cultural Leadership Programme Family for their continuing support and, finally, to look forward to the next phase.

Over the coming weeks, leaders, partners, observers, facilitators, politicians and participants of our programmes will share with us their thoughts and experiences about the impact that the programme has made; personally, organisationally and to the wider creative and cultural sector.

Keep checking back to read more stories, case studies and interviews and join us on Facebook to add your thoughts, experiences and ideas on leadership

3 Reasons to Celebrate

1. Bringing Leadership to Life

Over the past three years the Cultural Leadership Programme has delivered a commendable depth and breadth of development opportunities, debate, research and advocacy. Rich and varied examples of leadership excellence are now more visible and evident as sector leaders gain in confidence, skills and experience. Leadership development delivered in a powerfully practical and accessible way is bringing leadership to life for emerging and established leaders alike, particularly for those leaders outside the standard or traditional training routes.

2. Leadership Development as a Collective Endeavour

The creative and cultural sector is experiencing a real democratization of critical information on leadership, which strengthens networks and facilitates informed opinion. The Cultural leadership Programme has encouraged and facilitated a shift from anecdotal evidence to utilising empirical research accessible through a range of published reports. Wider access to leadership resources is available via online resources including Creative Choices?.

With readily accessible resources, developing leadership excellence has become a collective endeavour. Shared knowledge enables the sector to speak with more authority about its leadership issues and needs with a common language. The Cultural Leadership Programme is enabling a broad spectrum of the cultural and creative industries to engage with and discuss leadership issues, questions, ideas and future possibilities.

The launch of the Creative Network and an increased presence on social networking sites like Facebook will increase the programme’s ability to support networks, widen the discussion on leadership development and share research to a bigger audience.

3. Building Partnerships

With the work of leadership development opportunities like Meeting The Challenge Development Programme, the Advanced Leadership In the Creative Industries (ALCI) and the new online networking resource Creative Networks (link) the Cultural Leadership Programme is continuing to develop sustainable networks across the cultural and creative industries. Instigating and supporting cross sector working and partnerships is proving to be an increasing important and beneficial area for organisations building leadership capacity. As new models of working and learning collaboratively are crafted and bespoke approaches to leadership development are delivered, these cross-sector partnerships are also meeting wider governmental aspirations to make better and stronger connections across industry sectors.

Looking forward, as a succession of government reports (including the Creative Britain Strategy in February 2008 and Digital Britain Report in June 2009) acutely focus the importance of the cultural and creative industries to the UK economy, it is clear that the sector will continue to face leadership issues and challenges. The Cultural Leadership Programme is committed to responding to the development needs of the leaders, creating a space for debate and research and continuing to nurture and develop world class, dynamic and diverse leaders for the 21st Century.

The Cultural Leadership programme is the only initiative in the UK which offers such a breadth and variety of development opportunities to culture professionals. Since 2006, over 20,000 emerging, mid-career and established leaders from a wide range of cultural organisations and creative businesses have benefited from more than 45,000 training/development days.

In response to the CLP's achievements, a number of high profile figures have praised its success in creating a new crop of visionary leaders for the arts world and the broader cultural and creative industries.

3 Programme achievements:

1. Work based learning

  • 30 leadership networks for over 500 leaders across the UK and all creative sectors
  • 50 leadership placements with some of the industries' key leaders and organisations
  • Priority investments in artistic leadership, supporting creative artists/makers as leaders

2. Intensive learning

  • Intensive leadership modules delivered by leading business school Ashridge to meet the needs of established leaders in the commercial creative industries
  • 465 places on the Clore Leadership Short Courses and 10 CLP Clore Fellows
  • Leading Beyond Authority - bespoke provision connecting 30 local cultural leaders with the priority infrastructure to enhance regeneration in London's Thames Gateway

3. Diversity

  • 130 disabled leaders benefitting from coaching, information, advice, guidance and critical networking support through the Sync Programme
  • 500 leaders taking part in Leadership Development Days/Leadership Pathways targeted at strengthening the cadre of leaders from disabled and BAME backgrounds.
  • Comprehensive and independent research and benchmarking reports BAME Leadership and Women in Leadership providing the evidential underpinning for the articulation and critical assessment of the impact of diversity investments

3 comments from political figures

1. Gordon Brown
Prime Minister

"Since its launch in June 2006 the Cultural Leadership Programme has developed and flourished. One of its key strengths is its recognition that one size does not fit all, and that the sector needs a variety of bespoke approaches to leadership development to reflect the breadth of its requirement.

The Cultural Leadership Programme has been a success. It has worked in partnership with the sectors to develop a range of sustainable models and to deliver a diverse cohort of leaders, equipped to lead the cultural and creative industries of the 21st century."

2. Ben Bradshaw MP
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

"The cultural and creative industries are integral to the competitiveness of the UK economy, which is why the work of the Cultural Leadership Programme to invest in stronger, more diverse leadership in those sectors is vital and its fantastic work to date deserves to be commended.

"The success of the programme is clear if you look at the sheer number of work placements, training days and mentoring relationships that have been established. Because of the CLP, a staggering 20,000 people have undertaken leadership development and are now far better equipped to guide their organisations with confidence at a time when being the best, not only nationally but also globally, is of the utmost importance."

3. Sir John Tusa
Clore Leadership Programme, Conservative Arts Task Force

"For the past three years, the Cultural Leadership Programme has played a growing and ever more influential role in improving, expanding and diversifying good practice throughout the ranks of leaders in the overall arts scene. Those who thought they could lead, now can; those who thought they might lead, now try; those who doubted they might lead are thinking again. "Cultural Leadership", an idea whose time has come!"

3 comments from cultural leaders

1. Charles Saumarez Smith
Secretary and Chief Executive
Royal Academy of Arts

"The Cultural Leadership Programme has had an immense and transformative effect on the arts by creating a cadre of close-knit, well-networked, highly skilled and well-trained young professionals to take on senior posts in arts management, as many already have and others will in the future."

2. Diane Lees
Imperial War Museum

"The Cultural Leadership Programme has over the last three years ensured that leaders and aspiring leaders in our sector have had superb development opportunities and access to high profile mentors. The organisation has successfully assured that from Government down, leadership is seen as key to the success of the nation's cultural institutions, I congratulate CLP on its third anniversary and long may it continue".

3. Iwona Blazwick
Whitechapel Gallery

"Artists of all disciplines need organisations to help realise their vision. Organisations can only deliver that vision if they have the right mix of engaged intelligence, courage, energy and entrepreneurship. They need leaders who can inspire and empower. This programme offers a critical path for individuals who are passionate about culture to turn that passion into leadership."

Over the last three years CLP has benefitted from the ongoing support and expertise provided by the unique cross sector delivery partnership of Arts Council England Creative and Cultural Skills and Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

The Programme also works with a diverse range of partner organisations and consultants to deliver bespoke leadership development across the creative and cultural sectors.

In our third '3rd Birthday' update, Stephanie Haughton-Campbell discusses leadership, success and more with representatives from the delivery partnership, CLP Board and programme partners.

3 Interviews with Delivery Partners:

1. Althea Efunshile, Arts Council England

"Making a difference is what inspires me. Having a sense that what I am doing is actually having an impact, especially to people out there. That inspires me." Read more

2. Tom Bewick, Creative and Cultural Skills

"Importantly, the CLP has done more than just be a conversation it has actually provided direct training, learning and leadership management opportunities to the sector." Read more

3. Sue Wilkinson, MLA

"Change does not happen if you stay within your comfort zone; you only really grow and develop when you step outside it." Read more

3 Interviews with CLP Board Members:

1. David Kershaw, Chair

"Looking forward the Cultural Leadership Programme will build on its early successes, continue to advocate and promote the value and development of excellence in leadership." Read more

2. Shreela Ghosh

"I've had some great mentors along the way and some great bosses who have challenged me to rise to a situation that I didn't know that I could handle." Read more

3. Sian Prime

"Being courageous and doing things that other people might see as being brave but you just see them as the only way of doing things. That's where I think somebody is a real leader." Read more

3 Q&As with Programme Partners

1. Deb Barnard

Q What inspires you? A The phrase 'It doesn't need to be like this'. Read more

2. Chris Grant

Q Why do you do what you do? A Because my life, my heritage, my inclinations and my capabilities have led me to this work. Read more

3. Sue Isherwood

Q What has been your most challenging situation as a leader? A Getting on the wrong side of a senior politician. Read more

Whilst the CLP celebrates turning three, one of our Programme partners, the Clore Leadership Programme, celebrates its fifth year. CLP joined Clore on 21st October to celebrate.

In CLP's 3rd Birthday update no. 4, we turn the spotlight on some of our champions and participants who discuss leadership, change and passion, with Stephanie Haughton Campbell.

We're also launching a UK-wide search for the sector's top 50 future female leaders and we need YOUR help!

3 Reasons to nominate a 'Woman to Watch'

  1. Celebrate an inspirational colleague
  2. Recognise an outstanding achievement
  3. Promote equality in Leadership

3 Interviews with CLP Champions

  1. Farooq Chaudhry
    "Change is opportunity, change is transformation, change is dreams coming true, and change is becoming better than you are." Read more
  2. Michael Day
    "Now we have something in the CLP that's widely valued, we must make sure that it's here to stay, and funded accordingly, for the long term." Read more
  3. Baroness Lola Young
    "It goes without saying leaders need to be excellent communicators at all levels, not just with one section of society but across the board" Read more

3 Q&As with Programme Participants

  1. Gill Nicoll, Peach Placement
    Q What inspires you? A Creative people, lateral thinkers, visual pleasures... Read more
  2. Gaylene Gould, Dynamics of Leadership Coaching
    Q What pearl of wisdom would you offer an emerging leader? A Follow your gut instinct gracefully... Read more
  3. Harpreet Kaur, Powerbrokers International Leadership Placement
    Q What do your consider to be your greatest achievement? A Grabbing my back pack to travel around the world independently... Read more

In CLP's fifth 3rd birthday update, we highlight 3 ground-breaking publications, 3 opportunities currently open to application and Stephanie Haughton Campbell discusses 'What happened since' with 3 programme participants.

3 publications to highlight

1. BAME leadership in the creative and cultural sector

The CLP and Arts Council England's decibel initiative commissioned The Change Institute to undertake the first comprehensive baseline report on BAME leadership in the creative and cultural sector.

2. Women in leadership in the creative and cultural sector

The first independent report on women in leadership in the creative and cultural sector, this quantitative research creates a marker in the sand, setting a baseline for measuring future progress and testing those strong reactions that this subject will doubtless continue to engender.

3. Governance Now: the hidden challenge of Leadership

Designed to stimulate a debate about governance as well as offer practical recommendations and tools for the development of a high-performing board and advice about what to do when things go wrong.

3 current opportunities

1. Clore Board Development

Development opportunities for individuals on the boards of cultural organisations on 10 February and 17 March 2010.

2. Sync - Leads into Leading

A chance to find out more about leadership theories from a disability perspective on 4 December 2010.

3. Leadership Development Days

Intensive development days for emerging and mid career leaders. Designed to support the leadership potential of BAME, disabled people and micro businesses.

3 'what happened since' stories

1. Kathryn Knight, ALCI participant

"It is no understatement to say that the experience was life-changing!" Read more

2. Gemma Baxter, Step Change participant

"The beauty of Step Change is in the flexibility that allows each participant to have a relevant and unique experience" Read more

3. Janet Vitmayer, Women Leaders in Museums Network

"In the longer term, we would like to work more closely with those interested in the wider debates about diversity in the cultural sector" Read more

In our penultimate 3rd birthday update, we hear from three individuals whose careers have been changed through their involvement with CLP.

3 career changing stories

1. Jo Verrent, Director, Ada Inc

"When the hospital recommended I grow my hair to hide my hearing aids, my response was to shave my head so the world could see them better." Read more

2. Mark Wright, Director, People Create

"This isn't about creating 'disabled-specific' work; it is simply about creating best practice learning. This is something that is clearly of benefit to all my clients, not just those who happen to be disabled." Read more

3. Diane Morgan, Project Manager, CLP

"In 2008, after two years of pouring passion (blood, sweat and tears) into a new venue, my post was made redundant. This was a very difficult time and I initially questioned if I wanted to continue to work in the arts." Read more

Thank you for joining us over the past few weeks to celebrate CLP's 3rd Birthday!

In our final 3rd birthday update we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and also highlight some of the opportunities that we have coming up in the New Year…

Dynamics of Leadership Coaching

A five day foundation course (with optional accreditation) giving an overview of the essential elements of coaching. There are only 12 places available on the course so please follow the link for information on how to apply!

Leading in London Placements

Leading in London placements are aimed at emerging and mid-career BAME or Deaf and disabled leaders who want to develop their leadership skills and behaviours in a work environment through shadowing a leader and undertaking key projects with guidance and support.

Sync - Leads into Leading

Sync is a leadership development programme for disabled people in the arts and cultural sector and part the Cultural Leadership Programme.

Advanced Leadership in the Creative Industries

After the highly successful pilot programme, CLP and Ashridge Business School are again offering senior leaders in the creative industries the opportunity to undertake this vibrant and challenging course.

This is just a handful of the opportunities that are currently open for application. For more opportunities and for information on how to apply please visit our current opportunities page.

Seasons Greetings from all at CLP!

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Celebrating three years