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Claire Whitaker

Director, Serious

Claire Whitaker

"Claire's most distinctive strength is to combine visionary artistic aspirations with a very practical ability to shape these into reality. Her generosity as a manager, nurturing talents and generating confidence, enables a strong team to develop around her."

With the ability to realise dreams, see potential and seize opportunities, Claire’s collaborative nature and ability to forge meaningful partnerships make her an exceptional leader in her field. 

Under Claire’s leadership, working alongside fellow directors John Cumming and David Jones, Serious’ reach has expanded significantly, nurtured more artists and taken music that it’s passionate about to newer and wider audiences.  Claire has spearheaded the growth and development of Serious since she joined in 1996. 

Claire has been a constant champion of contemporary music and of the cultural sector’s need to create space at the table for newcomers.  As a former chair of the Arts Council England's London Music Panel and a member of the Live Music Forum, Claire has been a vocal and passionate advocate for the live music industry. 

Incredibly adept at establishing and developing partnerships, Claire's ability to follow through has meant that many of Serious’ closest collaborations have longevity. 

Led by three directors jointly, Serious is an unusual structure with a particular kind of leadership working as a team and recognising individual strengths.  It has been Claire’s particular skill to inspire funders, sponsors and other partners with such an exciting and innovative vision.