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Freda Matassa

Freelance Museum Consultant and Art Collections Manager

Freda Matassa

"Freda encourages private and public partnerships in cultural collections management, inspiring and encouraging new staff and colleagues with a ‘can do’ attitude to problem solving and creating new ways of working."

Previously Head of Collections Management at the Tate, London, Freda brings a wealth of experience in registrarial fields and knowledge of national museum standards in collections management to her freelance art management company. The first of its kind, the company works to national museum standards taking this high quality approach to the private sector. 

Encouraging private and public partnerships in cultural collection management, Freda is helping to reduce the often perceived divide between public and private collections, for the benefit of both. 

Most art consultants come from a curatorial or conservation background, and can advise only on acquisitions and/or conservation.  Freda is unique in being the only consultant with extensive practical national and international museum experience in collections management, and with a wealth of connections throughout the sector. 

Combining valuable practical knowledge with breadth of vision, flexibility, pragmatism and management expertise from an international standpoint, she serves as a UK Expert Representative in a variety of European initiatives, often working closely with the DCMS.  She is at the forefront of the EU Collections Mobility Project and represents the UK’s interest in the CEN Commission for European Standards in Museums.