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Indy Hunjan

Director, Kala Phool

Indy Hunjan

"Indy's vision and passion for excellence, innovation, education and ‘experience for all’ is fundamental to her way of working. Whether it be for the tours she instigates, the artists she mentors or the sectors she engages with, Indy is a pioneer in the realm of contemporary urban arts."

Indy is a true visionary and for the past twelve years has led her own arts development company, Kala Phool.  Forging not only her own path within the arts but that of many she works to support and enable she navigates within a usually male dominated arena. 

Leading her team at Kala Phool, Indy has delivered hundreds of projects including the internationally famed MI21 live film score project and annually, six international hip hop festivals in the UK, crossing cultural and artistic experience of hip hop; Rising Styles that has pushed forward the careers of thousands of artists. 

In this country there are no other South Asian women taking the lead within hip hop which has traditionally been seen as a male dominated area of the arts.  The Rising Styles festival has changed that view; it is about positive impact on environment, community, self and a positive shared experience.  Indy has strengthened the hip hop genre in this country to be a leader of a sector. 

Indy’s vision and passion for excellence, innovation, education and ‘experience’ for all is fundermental to her way of working.  Whether it is for Rising Styles, any of the tours she instigates, research she undertakes, artists she mentors, and support for the sectors she engages within, it can be said Indy is a pioneer of contemporary cultural and urban arts.