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Jenni Lewin-Turner

Director and Creative Producer, Urbanflo Creative Consultancy

Jenni Lewin-Turner

"Jenni is undoubtedly an agent of change and takes very seriously her position as a rare role model and cultural provider in her local arts arena. She has vision, passion and drive and is a true visionary and transformational leader in the making."

Jenni established her freelance agency, Urbanflo Creative Consultancy in direct response to the needs of the artistic and marginalised communities. With her leadership, zest and power of persuasion, she brought together a group of socially engaged arts professionals who share a vision of equity and excellence in the cultural sector.  Her inclusive philosophy is intrinsic to her work and an undeniable ability to inspire and empower others defines her true leadership qualities. 

Jenni is undoubtedly an agent of change and takes very seriously her position as a rare cultural provider in her local arts arena with extensive training in both mainstream and culturally-specific arts development.  Her work has been prolific and she takes in her stride the challenges to help inspire underrepresented groups to participate in creative practice.

Her core work involves producing a range of creative activities focussed on promoting social inclusion within the sector – making the transition from mere ideology into action and aligning grassroots communities with high quality creative products.  Her more recent transition into the international arts arena has enabled her to combine her academic and professional careers, to research and develop a collaborative interdisciplinary project to connect disparate artists and communities in the Caribbean, South Africa, USA, South America, Canada, Australia and of course the UK.