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Juliana Farha

Founder and Managing Director, Dilettante Music Limited

Juliana Farha

"Juliana is a passionate, persuasive and clear-sighted advocate of classical music and the digital environment. As Dilettante's audience grows, so will Juliana's stature as one of the pioneers of online, who brought together young musicians and composers with new audiences for the first time."

Juliana has excelled as the Founder and Managing Director of Dilettante Music, a leading classical music website. Taking the concept and an aspiration to support young musicians she has turned it into a reality. Whatever the obstacle, Juliana has exhibited flexibility in her approach, seeking advice and expertise when needed while always staying true to her vision to support music-making and welcome new audiences to the classical genre. 

Juliana is the first entrepreneur to innovate in the fields of social media and classical music. Starting an online company is challenging; doing so in the insular, traditional and male-dominated classical music and technology industries is tougher still. A strong leader, Juliana inspires her team around the company’s vision and encourages a collaborative environment and the free exchange of ideas, as well as personal development. She is a compelling advocate and an accomplished speaker and writer whose conviction and energy are contagious. 

Juliana has developed a unique, fresh and lively ‘voice’ for which Dilettante Music has become well-known.  While Juliana started off a relative unknown in the UK classical music world, her tenacity and conviction are responsible for the success of the Dilettante project. These qualities have driven innovative projects within the artform that seamlessly combine online activity with the offline world of classical music performance.   

Many people have ideas but very few make them happen. Juliana has, and that sets her apart.