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Lucy Worsley

Chief Curator, Historic Royal Palaces

Lucy Worsley

"Lucy is a brilliant historian in her own right but what really makes her stand out is her ability to communicate - to tell a story - in genuinely engaging ways. There are several possible pathways open to her and she has the ability, drive and panache to lead a major organisation."

Lucy is a brilliant historian, lecturer and broadcaster.  Appointed to the role of Chief Curator at the age of 28, Lucy was selected to lead a team in a major review of the organisation’s purpose, identity and future programmes.  She was instrumental in developing the idea of storytelling across the HRP and for constructing the underlying proposition of what ‘the story’ is. 

In leading her department, Lucy has created a team of young and creative curators who are re-inventing what curatorship means in historic sites.  Their work, led by her, ranges across buildings, collections and stories, and their input is seen in everything from traditional media to less conventional forms (online via HRP’s website and YouTube, live on-site programming and events, TV and radio).  Lucy has given her team an inspirational role model who is driving new organisational thinking.

Attentive to her own leadership development and ready to share her learning, Lucy has recently been invited to teach on the UEA Museum Leaders Programme, having only completed it herself a few years ago. 

All good leaders are driven by a passion, her – for history and communication it – shines through.