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Maxine Miller

Library and Information Manager, Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts)

Maxine Miller

"Maxine stands out because of her professionalism, leadership skills and personal qualities. As Library Collection Manager for the Tate it is a unique opportunity for Maxine to establish herself as a senior leader in a large, complex cultural institution."

Excelling in her role as manager of the Stuart Hall Library at Iniva, Maxine has developed the Institute’s unique library and digital archive.  A Chartered Librarian with extensive experience in Further Education and City of London’s libraries, Maxine’s quality leadership and professionalism secured her place as the Digital Resources Associate at the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) as part of the Powerbrokers International Leadership Placements (PILP).

Providing the strategic direction in the development of this information-based website project, Picture Dis, Maxine was the only PILP to produce a tangible outcome in terms of a creative product.  In a relatively short period of time, Maxine successfully lead the team from concept through to completion of the project, develop and nurture productive relationships with the NLJ Director and staff and expand her leadership capabilities in a new culturally diverse work environment. Picture Dis is a lasting legacy for Jamaica

As the most senior specialist arts librarian for BAME background she is a great advocate for her profession, an excellent role model and is known for mentoring and supporting aspiring arts librarians.