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Melanie Abrahams

Director, renaissance one and Tilt Guest Curator, The Bluecoat

Melanie Abrahams

"Melanie is very entrepreneurial in spirit, and her ideas are innovative and engaging. I believe these are qualities and skills that have helped her reach her current position and which will propel her to greater heights."

An outstanding producer and curator in the literature sector, Melanie had developed a range of initiatives to support writers and producers at renaissance one.  Working with diverse groups of artists on an international basis she has been the vision behind a number of ground breaking projects in the field of spoken word events.

As Director of Tilt, Melanie produces innovative, imaginative and well regarded London Liming events utilising her extensive networks within her field and other related creative arts to raise the profile of the spoken world as a cultural art form. Testament to her sector knowledge and leadership, Melanie has been asked to curate literature and spoken work at The Bluecoat in Liverpool and programme a five-day literature festival in 2010. 

During her career Melanie has demonstrated a dedication to her art form, perseverance and a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.  These core values are underpinned with the ability to apply the creative and strategic acumen necessary to excel in senior management roles in the cultural and creative sector.