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Nike Jonah

Senior Diversity Officer, Decibel Project Manager

Nike Jonah

"Nike has been an outstanding leader in the diversification of the arts, bringing people from the margins to the centre. She has all the skills, qualities, experience and the charisma to reach the top, and her work will have far reaching consequences for many diverse artists both present and future."

Nike has emerged as a truly outstanding leader in the last two years and shown great organisational ability producing the, best by far, Decibel Performing Arts Showcase in 2009. Accepting and relishing the demands of the new role she has shown vision and courage as well as great sensitivity in guiding artists through what is a difficult process. 

Her work has meant a better quality artist and artistic product and Nike has gained the respect of the BAME and disabled arts circles. 

Nike has brought a new intelligence and sophistication that has transformed an ordinary showcase into one with an international reputation for artistic excellence. Her work, developing a successful model, will have far reaching consequences for many BAME and disabled artists both now and in the future.