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Roanne Dods

Director, Rose Orange Former Founder Director of Jerwood Charitable Foundation

Roanne Dods

"Roanne is on the one hand fearless and on the other hand sensitive and to see those characteristics at work in someone else encourages other people to believe in themselves and to act accordingly. Roanne has led by example, by influence and with care and compassion."

Roanne excelled in establishing the Jerwood Charitable Foundation (JCF) as an influential and significant funder of artists in the UK during her eleven year directorship.  Her leadership approach has always been to talk and to do, and always to imagine that you can, and imagine new ways of doing whatever that thing is.  She has inspired that approach and confidence in others and has made a career out of doing so.

What sets Roanne’s leadership apart is her belief in people.  The success achieved by the work of JCF was not measured in terms of what happened as a result of a funding grant but also by how it happened – the aim of the organisation, instilled by Roanne, was that its support should allow artists to thrive in their development primarily by maintaining the integrity of their vision and not through compromise.  

With a profound skill of bringing people along on her journey, Roanne is adapt at helping other understand the correct instinct needed to make the right decision, especially when decisions need to be made outside their scope of experience.  This kind of leadership through influence is not easy and is often lonely.

Roanne has also founded, with co-directors, three organisations in the last five years; I:C, Innovative Craft in Scotland, RoseOrange, Mission, Models, Money and The Work Room.  As well as taking roles on several key Boards, including Chair of BAC, board member of the Young Vic, Sistema Scotland, I:C, International Futures Forum and Vice Chair of Scottish Ballet.