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Siobhán Bales

Managing Director, bgroup

Siobhán Bales

"Siobhán has great vision for exploring the future and thinks well beyond her day job. A hugely ambitious businesswoman, she combines her passion for business with a dedication for supporting young people into enterprise and encouraging more women into business."

Entrepreneur and MD of bgroup and bdaily business news service, Siobhán has not only established her businesses in a largely male dominated business sector but has been a mover and shaker in bringing leaders from diverse sectors together to talk and share concerns and aspirations for business, culture and life in the North East of England. 

Siobhán combines her passion for business with a dedication to supporting young people into enterprise and encouraging more women into business.

Excelling in being innovative and taking risks on new ideas, Siobhán creates opportunities for young creatives and designers in the North East to work national, European and International markets, enabling cross-fertilisation of ideas between cultures. 

Siobhán's most recent venture, bdaily business news, incorporates the very latest digital communication techniques and expertise, delivering a daily new bulletin, extensive news site, daily TV programme and building a B2B TV network across plasma and LCD screens. A huge innovation that has recently attracted £500K of investment to date.

Hugely ambitious, Siobhán’s vision and expertise in the enterprise agenda has seen her asked to join the Board of the newly formed Business Link North East, as well as an expert panel for the EU Commission that is working on European policy to explore the best route to market entrepreneurship across the member states. Further boards include CBI NE, Entrepreneur Organisation (international), Princes Trust and The Enterprise Bond.

Siobhán has been a big supporter of Women into the Network – a business support network for women in the NE - and also the Young Enterprise Scheme. She demonstrates effective leadership in her ability to balance work, personal life and contribute to society and others.