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Sophie Thomas

Founding Director, thomas.matthews communication design

Sophie Thomas

"Sophie will continue to be a leading figure in design, particularly in the critical area of sustainability, helping designers to understand their role and responsibility in developing products and services that are more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable."

Sophie’s commitment to integrate systemic sustainable practice through all areas of the studio’s work has put thomas.matthews at the leading edge of their field. Over the past twelve years she has lead and delivered a vast array of award winning projects across the world including the highly acclaimed No Shop campaign for Friends of The Earth in 1997 to the £15 million Space galleries for the Royal Observatory Greenwich that opened in Spring 2007.

Included in Design Week’s 2009 Hot 50 as a ‘mover and shaker’ in the design industry for her work in founding greengaged, and Three Trees Don’t Make A Forest; both not for profit organisations that aim to help skill up designers in sustainable practice. She is included in the 2008 Who’s Who Business Elite list and the 2010 Who’s Who edition and sits on the board of trustees for the Design Council.

Aspiring to agitate the everyday, stir things up and get people talking, challenging and changing. Sophie is an active mentor for designers who have an interest in sustainable design and plays a vocal part in advocating systemic sustainable thinking in design. She takes part in many UK and international conferences and workshops and regularly contributes to design media around the globe.

Sophie is determined to make a difference, leading by doing, inspired by great design and driven by ethical and moral issues.