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re:freshed: re:plenished & re:connected...

CLP’s Alumni Festival took place on the 6-9 July @ the Wellcome Collection


“It was a great opportunity to meet a rich bunch of professionals, to share knowledge, exchange tips and ideas and just have a laugh.  I think the energy and warmth in the Wellcome Trust was palpable over the 3 days. A few days on and I am still playing it over in my mind -lots to follow up on, lots to learn, lots to just do!”  Carole Morrison.


CLP re:freshers featured a ‘pick and mix’ of drop-in seminars, guest speakers, practical insights, facilitated discussions, well-being sessions, networking & social opportunities, performances and an all-day café for meetings and informal get-togethers.


If you were unable attend some or all of re:freshers, you can access the highlights or revisit missed content through live blogs, tweets, interviews and photos.  You can also continue discussions on issues raised and stay in touch with people you did - or perhaps didn't - meet at the event.


You can access content here: and here: (you need to join the network to access content)


Some re:freshers online highlights


An overview from the Amplified team


Live blog of the Cultural Leadership Reader Launch


Live blog of the Leadership in Uncertain Times session


Reflections & PowerPoint presentation from the Wellbeing session