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CLP Announcement

In the five years since the Cultural Leadership Programme (CLP) was established it has succeeded in raising the profile of leadership development across the arts and wider cultural and creative sector to create an important and enduring legacy of leadership capability that goes far beyond its original objectives. Now, in consideration of today’s rapidly changing environment, where the Arts Council is operating with an overall cut to grant in aid of 29.6% and arts organisations are looking to extend their roles and responsibilities within the wider cultural landscape, it has been decided that the Cultural Leadership Programme will close in March 2011.

The Arts Council affirms its commitment to leadership development in Achieving Great Art for Everyone, its 10 year strategic framework and will create a new Leadership and Organisational Development Team from April 2011 to consolidate the work currently delivered by both the CLP and its Organisational Development teams. This new Leadership and Organisational Development Team will drive forward the delivery of Goal 3; The arts are sustainable, resilient and innovative and Goal 4; The arts leadership and workforce are diverse and highly skilled.

The CLP Team wishes to acknowledge the tremendous support received from individuals and organisations across the sectors, enabling a valuable range of partnerships, networks and collaborations to raise the profile of leadership development across the arts and wider creative and cultural sectors.  An important and enduring legacy has been built and, in order to capture and support that legacy, our next bulletin in March will feature Leadership Works, a web based resource of evaluative essays, case studies and signposts that encapsulate the key activities and outcomes of the Programme after 5 years. 

During 2011/12 the Arts Council will continue elements of the Cultural Leadership Programme. These are:

• Clore Fellowships (4)
• Clore Short Courses
• Meeting the Challenge Development Programme
• Sync - Disabled Leaders Programme
• Leadership Advance
• The CLP website will be maintained as a source of leadership development insights.

CLP extends a warm thank you to our Stakeholders, Programme Partners and Advisers - with our essential emphasis on partnership working, we really could not have achieved so much without you.

Look out for Leadership Works - to be launched soon on our website - providing essays, case studies and videos to support your leadership journey.