Strategic Evaluation of the Cultural Leadership Programme 2006-8

by DTZ

In June 2007, DTZ was commissioned by the Cultural Leadership Delivery Partnership of Arts Council England, Creative & Cultural Skills and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, to produce an independent evaluation of the Cultural Leadership Programme based on the assessment of the first phase of activity, since its launch in June 2006. The evaluation focused on three key areas: contribution; efficacy; and legacy and sustainability.

In assessing contribution, questions were asked around the achievements by CLP to date, and whether the priorities were the correct ones for the sector. In terms of efficacy, individual strands were examined to see if they met the participant needs, and an assessment was made as to whether the CLP was changing leadership behaviour and improving organisational performance. Looking at legacy and sustainability, DTZ examined whether the CLP was setting the framework for a long-term sustainable change in the way in which leadership development was conducted.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods were adopted to explore these three issues, including a range of interviews with key policy organizations, national and regional sector-related organizations and organisations or individuals involved in the set up, management and implementation of the CLP including strand leaders and project managers.  Additionally a review of relevant documentation was undertaken, support was offered to the various strands of the CLP to monitor progress and assess achievements, success and impact; and in-depth review of the implementation of the CLP and its achievements and impact was carried out, including survey work at the start of the programme and during its implementation, and through case studies.

The DTZ evaluation came to a close in July 2008 and this document is a summary of their key findings, which cover: the launch, design and delivery of the CLP over its first two years (2006-2008); their achievements, along with added value and impact, and their sustainability into the future.

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