CLP Publications and Research

reviewing leadership

by Becky Coletto

This paper looks at the significant body of commissioned research, critical debate and provocation, tool-kits and resources, delivered by the Cultural Leadership programme since its inception in 2006. It provides an overview the larger pieces of research that CLP has commissioned and written and highlights these rich resources, all of which have contributed to leadership development within the cultural and creative industries, providing the sector with a better understanding of the issues and challenges faced in today’s environment.

The shape of the Cultural Leadership Programme today, and its journey over the last 5 years, has at every step of the way been determined by ongoing research and evaluation. In many cases, this research has provided benchmarks for the sector – both qualitative and quantitative – against which to measure progress, development and successes. Indeed, as referenced in this paper, the CLP, through publications, research and advocacy has offered opportunities to reflect on, and debate, issues of leadership within the cultural and creative sector on a national and a global scale; it has set standards against which to measure and evaluate a changing leadership landscape; and it has provided toolkits and reference material for organisations and leaders to increase their own knowledge-base and skills.

Digital Thinking

technology as a tool for leadership development

by Sarah Foxlee

This essay outlines the Cultural Leadership Programme’s approach to online technology as a means to support leadership development. It looks particularly at benefits such as advocacy, the showcasing of ‘best practice’, skills development, and the providing of community with a whole raft of development and networking opportunities.  

The wealth of information available on the CLP website complements the face-to-face delivery of their leadership development programmes by pooling together publications and research, interviews, achievements and case studies, and by providing benchmarking reports and baseline studies which can give an evidential basis for investment in leadership development.

The showcasing of the CLP’s Development Priorities as informed by reports and research, as well as the clarity given to the term ‘leadership’ by showing what excellence in leadership looks like, are all important benefits of engagement with the CLP’s presence online. More practically, the CLP website offers a variety of paths to developing users own leadership skills, through signposting opportunities and ideas, providing the perfect resource for all things ‘cultural leadership’.

Social media and networking tools are also a vital part of the CLP’s online offering, and the CLP Network site (with related social media channels) offers opportunities to expand the network and explore collaborative opportunities, supporting a diverse community of leaders across the cultural and creative sectors.

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