Work based learning

Peach Placements

Between 2006-2011 the CLP Peach Placements scheme offered an eclectic and dynamic range of tailor made 6-12 month placements across the cultural and creative industries.

During that time, over 49 emerging and mid-career leaders benefited from real time experiential learning through extended placements with significant projects and initiatives, and with guidance and support from some of the industries’ most respected leaders and organisations.

Featuring contributions from a range of participants, this film explores the aims and ambitions of the Peach Programme, and they describe its significant impact on their careers going forward.  In a mini case study of Emily Candler on her 2010 Peach Placement at the National Portrait Gallery, we hear about her role, all of the new things she is learning, and also how her work on the placement fits in with the rest of the Gallery’s operations.  As part of the position, Emily shadowed the Gallery’s Director, Sandy Nairne, who in turn describes the value of an extended placement, for both the individual, and the new ‘spark’ of creativity brought to the host organisation as a result.

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