Development priorities

Artist Practitioner Leadership Development

The CLP Artist Practitioner Leadership Development strand recognised that artists and practitioners are leaders through their practice.  Unconstrained by organisational weight, they combine a fleetness-of-foot and a creative vision to act as catalysts of change and inventors of the future.

During 2010-2011, 50 artists and practitioners benefited from two distinct, yet complementary programmes - The Independents and Wayfarer.  Together, these provided a range of development opportunities to explore what artistic practice offers to leadership, and what it means to create sustainable and resilient practice.

Mark Wright and David Jubb, creators of Wayfarer and the Independents respectively, explain the vital need for leadership development for independent Artist Practitioners, and how these programmes were designed to address a gap in provision through offering a peer network, along with a variety of trainings, coaching and retreats.  We also hear from course participants who describe this opportunity as very timely for them as freelancers, helping them to grow their skills, networks and resilience and help them better navigate increasingly shifting landscapes.

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