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As a key CLP initiative, Sync has championed the case for diversity in leadership since 2008.

Devised, developed and facilitated by disabled leaders, Sync 100 & 20 have engaged with and supported a wide range of disabled people - not just those with different impairments, but also those with different 'takes' on disability.

By offering multiple points of access, and respecting different starting points for all, Sync sought to energise, inform and ultimately change disabled and Deaf people’s relationship with leadership by offering information and support, encouraging dialogue and designing leadership interventions.

This film visits ‘Sync Thinking,’ in March 2011, a day of discussions to explore the interface between disability and leadership.  We hear contributions from Sync’s founders, Jo Verrent and Sarah Pickthall, who believe that inviting different perspectives on leadership offers the best way to reflect society, and we also hear from a number of Sync participants, who reflect on its impact both personally and professionally, and how being part of the wider Sync community has been of benefit to them.

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