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Hilary Jennings

QuestionWhat inspires you?

AnswerGreat writing.

QuestionWhich leadership development programme did you attend?

AnswerClore Short Course, Facilitation skills, Coaching skills

QuestionWhy did you choose the programme?

AnswerWord of mouth and budget.

QuestionHow do you relax?


QuestionWhat single thing would improve the quality of your work-life?

AnswerAn office at the end of the garden (if I had a garden) so that I have a separate place to work.

QuestionWhat is your greatest fear?

AnswerClimate change and peak oil – that enough people won’t get the message in time to save the planet.

QuestionWhat pearl of leadership wisdom would you offer an emerging leader?

AnswerThe best leaders inspire rather than instruct.

QuestionWhat is your guiltiest pleasure?

AnswerTrashy TV

QuestionWhat words or phases do you most overuse?

Answer‘Lovely’ apparently

QuestionWhat has been your most challenging situation as a leader?

AnswerToo many to mention.

QuestionWhat is your idea of perfect happiness?

AnswerA long swim followed by a long lunch with family and friends

QuestionWhich book(s) are you reading at the moment?

AnswerAn anthology of poetry by Ruth Padel.

QuestionWhere would you like to live?

AnswerBy a lake

Question Did you experience any eureka! moments during your leadership development programme? If yes, what?

AnswerThat the solutions other people come up with through coaching and facilitation are often more interesting and appropriate than any advice you might have given!

QuestionWhat is your favourite smell?


QuestionIf you were a super hero, what would your power be?

AnswerFearlessness – not really a super power but fear holds people back.

QuestionHave you found your leadership development beneficial?


Question Why?

AnswerIt has given me a better and deeper understanding of how people work – and how to work better with them as a result.

QuestionFor what cause would you die?

AnswerPersecution in all its forms

QuestionWhat do you consider to be your greatest (professional or personal) achievement?

AnswerSwimming 500 yards in 4 degrees C in the endurance race at the UK cold water swimming championships

QuestionWhat has been your most embarrassing moment?

AnswerToo many to mention…

QuestionWhat would your 'leadership' motto be?

AnswerCan’t think of one

QuestionIf you were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would you want with you?

AnswerI’d make do with Bear Grylls or Ray Mears - I’m sure they could build, hunt, forage, cook or salvage anything else I needed.

QuestionWhat is your favourite song?

AnswerSpem in alium by Thomas Tallis – at the moment

QuestionWhat keeps you awake at night?

AnswerEverything – or nothing – it depends

QuestionWhat is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

AnswerExperience is more important than material things.

QuestionDo you plan to do more leadership development? If yes, what area do you plan to focus on?

AnswerWorking further on coaching and facilitation skills


Hilary Jennings

Name: Hilary Jennings
Title: Freelance Consultant