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Kathryn Knight

QuestionWhat inspires you?

AnswerThose who are utterly passionate and commited to what they do.

QuestionWhich leadership development programme did you attend?

AnswerAdvanced Leadership in the Creative Industries.

QuestionWhy did you choose the programme?

AnswerIt was exactly the training I had been looking for-and the chance to feed in to the pilot programme was a double incentive.

QuestionHow do you relax?

AnswerGoing for walks in the beautiful countryside.

QuestionWhat single thing would improve the quality of your work-life?

AnswerHaving more time.

QuestionWhat is your greatest fear?

AnswerFailing to make a difference.

QuestionWhat pearl of leadership wisdom would you offer an emerging leader?

AnswerHave the courage to employ people who are 'better than yourself': Success is ultimately down to having a great and motivated team.

QuestionWhat is your guiltiest pleasure?

AnswerHomemade scones with lashings of strawberry jam and clotted cream.

QuestionWhat words or phases do you most overuse?

AnswerGeneral hyperbole "That's fantastic/excellent. etc."

QuestionWhat has been your most challenging situation as a leader?

AnswerAquiring international music publications in 2005 (print publisher with exclusive deals with Warner, Chappell and EMI). Overnight our print catalogue and print programme more than doubled in size.

QuestionWhat did you learn from that experience?

AnswerAlways be prepared for the worsen but keep positive and don't forget to keep staff morale high.

QuestionWhat is your idea of perfect happiness?

AnswerHaving achievable targets but always being able to see and work towards new opportunities on the horizon. True at home too!

QuestionWhich book(s) are you reading at the moment?

AnswerMichael Frayn, Headlong

QuestionWhich 'leader' from the past or present day do you most admire and why?

AnswerIt is early days but Barack Obama immediately springs to mind, his charisma

QuestionWhere would you like to live?

AnswerFor now, Farnham (where I do live). At some point I'd love to live in Provence.

Question Did you experience any eureka! moments during your leadership development programme? If yes, what?

AnswerFor me it was more about everything falling into place: understanding my own strengths/weakness, and learning to use this; the value of our business offering tools to aid leadership and the importance of learning from other's experience.

QuestionWhat is your favourite smell?


QuestionIf you were a super hero, what would your power be?


QuestionHave you found your leadership development beneficial?


Question Why?

AnswerWe have formed a fantastic network of co-leaders, collegues, and friends on whom we can rely on for objective advice/support on going forwards.

QuestionFor what cause would you die?

AnswerMy family.

QuestionWhat do you consider to be your greatest (professional or personal) achievement?

AnswerDelivering a successful resource on target and budget for Sing Up, the government funded national singing programme for primary ages children (E4OM Programme for four years). Its such a privalege to work on.

QuestionWhat has been your most embarrassing moment?

AnswerI think I must have blanked it out.

QuestionWhat would your 'leadership' motto be?

AnswerHave integrity, self belief and passion for all you do.

QuestionIf you were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would you want with you?

AnswerMy husband, my grand piano, an e-book, a sharp knife and a cooking pot.

QuestionWhat is your favourite song?

AnswerIn the wee small hour of the morning, by Stacey Kent, (But hard to choose-prob a great Jazz standard)

QuestionWhat keeps you awake at night?

AnswerAn over active mind.

QuestionWhat is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

AnswerSavour every moment, you never know whats round the corner.

QuestionDo you plan to do more leadership development? If yes, what area do you plan to focus on?

AnswerAt the moment I still feel I'm involved with the ALCI programme-we're developing networks within the alumni group.But ultimately I'd like to develop more tools to assist my strategic thinking.


Kathryn Knight

Name: Kathryn Knight
Title: Publishing
Organisation: Faber Music
Location: London

Independent classical music producer established in 1965 to publish contemporary classical music (Benjamin Britten) and to develop printed sheet music. We now have a global reputation for our composers (contemporary, classical and media) and have won print Music Publisher of the Year for Last Five Years.