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Nina Edge

QuestionWhat inspires you?

AnswerIt’s a mystery

QuestionWhich leadership development programme did you attend?

AnswerArtists Practitioner Placement

QuestionWhy did you choose the programme?

AnswerIt provided an opportunity for exchange of knowledge, for skills enhancement, networking and learning. Outwardly it allowed scope for venue and district development and eventually city development in which creativity might be incorporated to leadership

QuestionHow do you relax?

AnswerVarious, most often whistling

QuestionWhat single thing would improve the quality of your work-life?


QuestionWhat is your greatest fear?

AnswerContinued leadership models which lack ethical and practical focus.

QuestionWhat pearl of leadership wisdom would you offer an emerging leader?

AnswerGo brave and keep on whistling

QuestionWhat is your guiltiest pleasure?

AnswerI don’t do guilt – at least not in the same sentence as pleasure. Guilt usually arises as a result of some accidental cock up. Pleasure comes along both accidentally and on purpose.

QuestionWhat words or phases do you most overuse?

AnswerOuch Charlie

QuestionWhat has been your most challenging situation as a leader?

AnswerBeing outgunned and out resourced by more powerful forces

QuestionWhat did you learn from that experience?

AnswerLanguage and images are powerful & influential tool - but no match for real power and authority

QuestionWhat is your idea of perfect happiness?

AnswerContinuing the adventure with language and images

QuestionWhich book(s) are you reading at the moment?

AnswerCharles Landry ; The Creative City Herman Melville ; Moby Dick Sarah Glynn ; Where The Other Half Live Donald Schon ; The Reflective Practitioner Vandana Shiva ; Earth Democracy Vandana Shiva ; Biopiracy

QuestionWhich 'leader' from the past or present day do you most admire and why?

AnswerVandana Shiva, Naomi Klein, Anna Minton as thought leaders Simon Jenkins, Charles Clover and Charlie Brooker as leadership reflectors Mark Thomas, Michael Moore and the Calypsonian ‘ Gypsy’ who expose leaky leadership

QuestionWhere would you like to live?

AnswerExactly where I do live - in the Toxteth Victorian Townhouse Liverpool City Council threaten to demolish, since you ask.

Question Did you experience any eureka! moments during your leadership development programme? If yes, what?

AnswerMuch creative leadership is squashed, leaving instead power dense ‘followships’ – which are wrapped as leadership. Actions speak more broadly than words, you could say ‘louder than words’, but the volume of listeners is of more interest to me than the volume of the sound with which they are spoken to. I had more knowledge than I had realised

QuestionWhat is your favourite smell?

AnswerS**t hitting the fan

QuestionIf you were a super hero, what would your power be?

AnswerThe power to have people think from many viewpoints The power to whistle or sing any song I hear

QuestionHave you found your leadership development beneficial?

AnswerToo soon to know

Question Why?

AnswerI’m only halfway though

QuestionFor what cause would you die?

AnswerThe same causes for which I live

QuestionWhat do you consider to be your greatest (professional or personal) achievement?

AnswerContinued practice as an artist Continued development of audience interfaces Beginning to use strategies from the above in pragmatic functioning leadership efforts

QuestionWhat has been your most embarrassing moment?

AnswerToo many to mention

QuestionWhat would your 'leadership' motto be?

AnswerPlan Ahead

QuestionIf you were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would you want with you?

AnswerWater, fire, satellite , knife, tarpaulin

QuestionWhat is your favourite song?

AnswerThat’s a hard one. An easy-listening-for-leaders compilation would have to include; Benny Goodman’s ‘Sing Sing Sing’, Buju Banton’s ‘Untold Stories’, Gipsy’s ‘The Sinking Ship’ and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Everybody Knows’.

QuestionWhat keeps you awake at night?

AnswerMy thoughts

QuestionWhat is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

AnswerKeep on thinking

QuestionDo you plan to do more leadership development? If yes, what area do you plan to focus on?

AnswerYes absolutely - too soon to say in which arena


Nina Edge

Name: Nina Edge
Title: Associate Artist
Organisation: FACT ; Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
Location: Liverpool

Exhibitions, research, education and learning around primarily new media art. Cinema, bar, café and public building. International trader in its field as well as broker amongst local organisations. Commissioning agency and production house