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Stephanie Fuller

QuestionWhat inspires you?

AnswerThe way participating in the arts on any level can give people so much social and spiritual nourishment and on a personal level the joy of collaborating with others.

QuestionWhich leadership development programme did you attend?

AnswerLDD, LDD+, Sync 20

QuestionWhy did you choose the programme?

AnswerInterested in finding out more about leadership and what it might mean to me, and in networking with other people in a similar situation.

QuestionHow do you relax?

AnswerCooking, making stuff, growing veg and chilling out with my family.

QuestionWhat single thing would improve the quality of your work-life?

AnswerMore time.

QuestionWhat is your greatest fear?

AnswerPersonally something bad happening to my kids. Not sure I have serious work fears… maybe I should?

QuestionWhat pearl of leadership wisdom would you offer an emerging leader?

AnswerBe yourself and find a way to lead through that. The power of authenticity is irresistible.

QuestionWhat is your guiltiest pleasure?

AnswerFashion magazines and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

QuestionWhat words or phases do you most overuse?

AnswerWe are where we are….

QuestionWhat has been your most challenging situation as a leader?

AnswerBecoming Chair of the ACE Disabled Workers Group only a year after joining up. It’s an influential role but with no official status in hierarchical terms.

QuestionWhat did you learn from that experience?

AnswerPower and influence aren’t conditioned by hierarchy, and things can be made to happen through other means.

QuestionWhat is your idea of perfect happiness?

AnswerMaking art collaboratively in the natural environment with a group of like minded people.

QuestionWhich book(s) are you reading at the moment?

AnswerAlice Waters’ The Little Stranger.

QuestionWhich 'leader' from the past or present day do you most admire and why?

AnswerShami Chakrabarti because she embodies what she stands for, is articulate and persuasive, angry when necessary, but has a sense of fun too.

QuestionWhere would you like to live?

AnswerWhere I live now.

Question Did you experience any eureka! moments during your leadership development programme? If yes, what?

AnswerWhen we were asked to write a personal manifesto I said factiously “Not needing to fit in” and then realised it was in fact true….

QuestionWhat is your favourite smell?

AnswerJust picked tomato

QuestionIf you were a super hero, what would your power be?

AnswerA secret ray to expose liars

QuestionHave you found your leadership development beneficial?


Question Why?

AnswerI’ve become more confident in myself and my own powers.

QuestionFor what cause would you die?

AnswerTo save my children from harm

QuestionWhat do you consider to be your greatest (professional or personal) achievement?

AnswerTo keep learning new things and stay flexible.

QuestionWhat has been your most embarrassing moment?

AnswerCan’t think about it.

QuestionWhat would your 'leadership' motto be?

AnswerGet on with it.

QuestionIf you were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would you want with you?

AnswerA knife, lots of string, sun tan lotion, an infinite supply of sketch books and pencils.

QuestionWhat is your favourite song?

AnswerToo hard to choose

QuestionWhat keeps you awake at night?

AnswerThe World Service.

QuestionWhat is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

AnswerPlanning is of limited value.

QuestionDo you plan to do more leadership development? If yes, what area do you plan to focus on?

AnswerInterested in coaching and people development, and in finding my own route through. Have just signed on for Leadership Unleashed.


Stephanie Fuller

Name: Stephanie Fuller
Title: Head of Development
Organisation: Arts Council England, South East
Location: Brighton

Arts funding and development.