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CLP Board

David Kershaw, Chair

"The crucial role of leadership is to ensure an organisation is relentlessly seeking to change for the better. That means you have to paint the picture of what change will create and inspire the organisation to want to make it real."

David Kershaw is Chief Executive of M&C Saatchi

Michael Day

"Leaders need to be strategic - the ability to constantly ask the questions “given this evidence, what’s going on” and “what does that mean for us” and “how should we change the way we’re going to keep on looking forward?”  And leaders need to listen – the ability to sit, listen, analyse and to really feel what’s going on both internally and externally."

Michael Day is Chief Executive of Historic Royal Palaces

Althea Efunshile portrait

Althea Efunshile

"Before any organisation can be truly successful, its members need a shared understanding of where they're going. A good leader paints and models a vibrant picture of the future, and inspires the group to a common endeavour. He or she makes sure that as many in the organisation as possible believe they played a part in the painting of that picture - the vision is owned collectively. A good leader ensures that the organisation is effectively managed so that purposeful action follows words and best intentions."

Althea Efunshile is the Chief Operating Officer at Arts Council England 

Shreela Ghosh

"There is only one thing that we can be sure of – change. Change is a given, so leaders must learn to embrace it and face the future with confidence and equanimity. As Kipling has said – If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster/And treat those two impostors just the same – you have every chance of succeeding."

Shreela Ghosh is Director of FreeWord

Vikki Heywood

"Successful leadership of a creative organisation means you have to be  comfortable living in an ambiguous world.  Knowing when ambiguity needs to turn to certainty without stunting creativity is the key.  Oh yes and listen to your tummy and  follow your instinct - it's the best tool you have."

Vikki Heywood is Executive Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company

Sue Hoyle

“Leaders have a clear sense of purpose, they are passionate about what they do, and they inspire trust and commitment. Leaders need confidence and courage to take decisions – leadership is about making choices”

Sue Hoyle is Director of the Clore Leadership Programme

Sian Prime

Leaders in our sector are often led by passion and the impact that creativity can have. This means that we generate authentic leaders, ones who do not have a desire to dominate but enhance, listen and build creative organisations or experiences that can change people's lives. We have a responsibility to build an infrastructure that supports authentic leadership.

Sian Prime is Director, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths

Virginia Tandy portrait

Virginia Tandy

"For me, self awareness is critical to effective leadership. To recognise and work on personal strengths and weaknesses and be seen to be doing so, is key to a leader's personal development and their credibility. Leaders have a huge impact on the people they work with, they should never under estimate the power of their support and presence and the direct effects, both good and bad, that they have on the climate of the organisations they lead."

Virginia Tandy is Director of Culture at Manchester City Council 

Sue Wilkinson

We need to create meaningful networks - gathering, mentoring, buddying - and a key challenge is for organisations top be open to risk taking and new ways of working.

Sue Wilkinson is Director of Policy and Advocacy at the MLA