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What we did

The CLP targeted emerging, mid-career, senior and established leaders, governing bodies of cultural organisations and cultural entrepreneurs. Opportunities were open to people throughout the UK working in the core cultural sector of crafts; libraries and archives; museums and galleries; music; and the performing, literary and visual arts as well as those working in the wider creative and cultural industries.

Acknowledged the value of peer support and on-the-job learning, promoting continuous professional development (CPD) within the workplace.

Formal learning opportunities to gain key knowledge and skills for leadership.

The core range of CLP provision, as outlined the in the Work-based Learning and Intensive Learning strands, was underpinned by a number of cross-cutting themes to ensure that the CLP mission to nurture world-class, dynamic and diverse leaders was achieved.  These cross-cutting themes included Diversity, Governance development and Internationalism.

The CLP delivered and commissioned a wide ranging suite of leadership development provision to enhance the strength and diversity of cultural leaders. Please follow this link to find out more about past and current projects. Further information can be found at our online evaluation hub, Leadership Works.